List of Universities on Tumblr

Last updated: July 1st, 2014 with University of San Francisco, Austin Peay State University, University of New Mexico, George Mason University, and University of Alberta.

This is a running list of universities and university units on Tumblr, in alphabetical order. As far as I can tell, all these blogs are official (i.e. they are directly run by the institutions). The list does not include student groups and fan-sites.

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Full disclosure: I used to run the Yale University Tumblr.

1) Adelphi University:

2) Austin Peay State

3) Bennington College:

4) Binghamton University:

5) Brock University:

6) Brooklyn

7) Brown

8) Bryan Mawr College:

9) California State University, Los Angeles: 

10) Carleton University Discovery Center:

11) Centennial College:

12) Clark Atlanta University

13) Cornell University:

14) ESCP Europe:

15) Florida International

16) George Mason

17) Goucher

18) Hampshire College

19) Harvard University:

20) Hofstra University:

21) Howard University:

22) Ithaca

23) Johnson & Wales University:

24) Loyola University of

25) Marquette

26) Mercyhurst University:

27) Minneapolis College of Art and Design:

28) Mississippi

29) MIT Residential Life and

30) Morehouse College:

31) Montgomery County Community College:

32) New York

33) Northwestern

34) North Carolina Central

35) Oberlin College:

36) Oglethorpe University:

37) Oklahoma State University:

38) Palm Beach Atlantic:

39) Purchase College, SUNY:

40) RISD:

41) Sarah Lawrence College:

42) Savannah College of Art and

43) School of Visual Arts:

44) Seattle University:

45) Sierra College:

46) Simpson College:

47) Stanford

48) State University of New York at

49) Sweet Briar College:

50) Union College:

51) University of Alaska Fairbanks:

52) University of Arkansas at Littlerock:

53) University of the

54) University of California

55) UC Berkeley

56) UC

57) UC San Diego:

58) University of

59) University of

60) University of Guelph:

61) University of Iowa:

62) University of

63) University of

64) University of Minnesota:

65) University of Missouri

66) University of New

67) University of

68) University of Pennsylvania:

69) University of San

70) University of South

71) University of Texas at Austin: 

72) University of Toronto: 

73) University of Utah:

74) Virginia Commonwealth University:

75) Walla Walla University:

76) Washburn University:

77) Western Washington University:

78) Willamette University:

79) Yale

Am I missing anyone? Shoot me an email at equartey [at]

Huge thanks to the following contributors to the list: Lisa DeLosso, Mykl Novak, Liz Stewart, Angie Cochrun, Brandon Touhey, Alana Mauger, Jessica Wheelock, Jessica Ma, Jed Sundwall, Joshua Boucher, Alison Clarke, Allie Hall, Jame Kvamme, Megan Goldberg, Anna Maria Montes, Christen Bein, Katie Vaz, Christie Pearce, Heather McAlister, Lauren Strunsee, thenotepadlife, Dana Zaverukha, secretlymagnificent, Matthew Anderson, Jediah McCourt, aromanticachilles, Kyle Davis, Matthew Martin Miller, Beth Liggett, Matthew Maez, Devin Jones, and Tuuli Mustasydan.